Providing Off Shore Jobs Since 2014

Off Shore Career is a reliable human resource management firm with a profound experience of more than 5 years. We are job placement agency that has been rigorously involved in overseas manpower consultancy providing recruitment for various Gulf countries around the world. The regions we basically target to suffice our human resource needs are India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya and Philippines. India most certainly has the best enviable wealth of human resource followed by the other countries and we as the recruitment consultants in Mumbai,India never fail to tap these opportunities.


Shipping & Offshore Drilling Recruitment has its own place in the industry; even it is bit different from the mainstream jobs. Now more people are keen to work with shipping and offshore drilling companies for a better pay and that extra touch of adventure in their lives. Off Shore Career is such a reliable shipping & offshore drilling recruitment agency that helps the job-seeker get in touch with their dream company, within the same niche.

There are set of Jack up rigs, Drill Ships and Semi-submersible drilling rigs, where plenty of positions are open for job seekers. Underwater oil & gas mining and other maritime jobs are a part of this sector, where the Middle East & Gulf clients absorb the deserving candidates for their in-house operations.


  • Drillers
  • Mate
  • Rig Electrician
  • Chief Mate
  • Seaman
  • Oiler
  • Boat Driver
  • Crane Operator
  • Steward
  • Derrick Man
  • Radio Officer
  • Drilling Manager
  • Rig Welder
  • Rig Mover
  • Store Man
  • Drilling Foreman
  • Surveyer
  • Slickline Jobs
  • Pipe Fixer
  • Security
  • Welders
  • Safety & Fire Protection Staff
  • Paramedic /Nurse
  • Sheet metal Fabricators
  • Pipe Fitters
  • Scaff Holders
  • Drilling Supervisors


We create the best and the right position for the recruits in overseas companies. We have the required quantum of experience that makes us efficient enough to understand what your expectations from a HR are consulting firm. The fact that more than 20 industries in the Gulf countries are meeting their human resource requirements makes us the top-notch provider and validates our superiority. To add more feathers to the cap, we have credentials displaying our role in serving SAARC and GSS.

We have a large base of clientele that represents firms, namely, hotel and business industries, hospitality, oil and refinery, petrochemicals, engineering, and various others. We have job recruitment in Philippines, job recruitment in Gulf, and various overseas jobs. Our global reach has helped in tapping newer markets and reaches out to more clients who are looking for human resource. Our splendid team will help you in identifying the best resource that can be included in your workforce to create the change you want to see in your company.

It is of paramount importance for a company to have the best human resource that Is willing and dedicated. Our efficient team of professionals will work with in congruence with your company in bringing the best resources that will be an expert in a niche similar to that of yours. As a result, you will be able to gain the best human resources for your company that will help you in achieving the future plans that you have prepared. We have manpower consultants in Nepal, recruitment firms for international jobs, Qatar recruitment, Jobs in Saudi and Oman jobs.

We can solve your recruitment problems in the blink of an eye. We have already reached a record of successfully placing 5 thousand resources in regions like the Middle-East and South-East-Asia regions. Be the game changer and take your company to impressive heights with the best team of work professionals. We have our mark in some of the biggest names of the world. Let us handle your recruitment needs and you take care of your other high-profile tasks. We ensure that our recruits will prove to be the best asset for your company in future.






Amit Chahar

I got the job through Off Shore Career in Kuwait. I'm very thankful to that organization. Wish a better future ahead.

Ravi Narayan Das

Off Shore Career is an organization of professional consultants who strive to meet the clients’ requirements by providing them with qualified staff. With the help of his vast database, professional portals and a wide network of associations across Globe

Rajat Gawda

Very good working environment, love to work with Off Shore Career, very cooperative and very professional.